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This way to the Farm Stand

We’ve finally made it through the colder months, when CSAs and farmer’s markets offer trimmed-down selections and dimmer colors. Now in the heart of spring, local farmers offer a renewed selection, driving local connoisseurs from miles away. What do you appreciate most about local eating? What items do you refuse to buy at the store?

Farm MarketI recently stumbled across, a website that offers a local search for CSAs, farmer’s markets, Co-ops and all things local eating. I will soon be relocating to Quincy, Massachusetts, and was blown away by the detailed results LocalHarvest offered. I now have a personal collection of sites, addresses, ratings and offerings, all waiting for my arrival. Even in my own area, I noticed a number of locations that flew under my radar, opening up dozens of new possibilities.

Currently a LocalHarvest user? How has the site enabled you to eat locally?

Check out LocalHarvest here:

Photo courtesy of Michigan State University