Belizean Reflections

The Background: Why Simplicity?

In August 2012, I enthusiastically boarded a plane for the rainforest of Cayo, Belize, in search of an escape. I wanted to withdraw the complications of college life; I wanted to experience, for one semester, a life with limited commitment and responsibility. Over the course of my four month journey, Belize molded my perspective on life in America, showcasing the value of simplicity in a world that strives for complexity. I never plan to look back.

Still Belizean Campus

The view from my front porch in Santa Elena, Belize

My semester abroad focused on two key principles: relating to the earth and living simply. Along with 16 fellow students and six staff members, I shared common meals, participated in communal chores and traveled throughout Central America as an engaged ecotourist. Along the way, I earned an education in faith, justice, ecology and sustainable development, understanding first hand how American culture impacts the developing world.

Over the next several weeks, I hope to dialogue about the people who changed my life, the lasting habits I acquired, and the simple life I continue to live. If my words resonate with your passions and motivations, or challenge your current values, I encourage you to continue the conversation by commenting below.

Thank you for joining me.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” (Leonardo Da Vinci)


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